Improving COPD care through Wearable Technology

WearCOPD is designed to improve the care and self-management of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). We are building a technology platform consisting of a wearable device, which will measure physiological symptoms of COPD, and a mobile app, which will provide guidance for self-management, including what actions to take when an exacerbation occurs.


About WearCOPD

Our research aims to improve the care and self-management of patients with COPD. The WearCOPD platform will help patients know exactly when their symptoms have worsened and initialize a step-by-step action plan to prevent hospitalization.

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We are always working on new research to ensure that we create a tool that is useful and accessible for people with COPD.

Design Inquiry

We are developing and evaluating solutions that focus on the broader range of problems and needs for people living with COPD. This research explores ubiquitous computing solutions for patients to access resources that can help with disease management and for healthcare providers and caregivers to access relevant information for effective and timely support in prevention of patient’s health deterioration.

Patient Engagement

In order to create a technology that can be adopted within existing healthcare arrangements for COPD we need to ensure that patients are willing and able to use it. We are engaging patients early on in the development of our platform to explore what elderly COPD patients will accept and tailor it to the psychosocial and biological needs of this population.

Machine Learning

We are exploring how we can use machine learning on physiological parameters such as heart rate, respiratory rate, physical activity, and coughs to promptly and accurately predict when patients are developing acute exacerbations. This will allow for preemptive treatment which can prevent hospitalizations.

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