About WearCOPD

To Start

COPD patients will sit down with their health care provider and complete the mobile app registration. This involves inputting medication and an action plan of steps to take when the person is having an exacerbation. The health care provider will download the physician facing side of the app.

The Smart Watch

The smartwatch will be connected to the mobile app. The patient will wear the smartwatch daily and it will record the following information:

  • Heart Rate
  • Movement
  • Audio
  • Oxygen Saturation

This information will be inputted into an algorithm that will derive respiratory rate, activity and coughs

The Phone App

The app will interact with the patient by:

  1. Encouraging patients to enter their daily symptoms
  2. Reminding patients to complete daily tasks such as taking their medication, staying active and practicing their breathing exercises
  3. Showing patients their daily progress

Patients will also have access to COPD information, and other self-management tools through the app

Through a combination of signals detected on the smartwatch and symptoms entered into the app, WearCOPD will Detect exacerbations of COPD.

When an exacerbation is detected, the patient will be alerted and they will be guided on what to do based on the action plan that was created with the health care provider

When an exacerbation is detected, the health care provider will be alerted and encouraged to follow up with their patient

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