Current Studies

We are always working on new research to ensure that we create a tool that is useful and accessible for people with COPD.

Better Living with COPD: Design and evaluation of ubiquitous computing solutions for patients, healthcare providers and caregivers

Our goal is to first identify user needs surrounding a technology that help people with COPD track their condition, as well as those which may help them to address other issues that stem from their condition.

In this study, we will conduct interviews, focus groups and observations with people with COPD, health care providers and caregivers to develop concepts for an interactive system based on their needs.

WearCOPD Mobile Sensing Version 2

With a refined app and newer wearables, we will be conducting a Version 2 of our Mobile Sensing Study.

We are developing a second version of our app and wearable with industry partner. This app will incorporate features identified as being desirable from our patient interviews: 1) new sensor that was requested by patients – oxygen saturation, and 2) the app will incorporate a patient-facing interface as patients requested a method to view their data as well as access to information to learn how to manage their condition better.

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